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Bighire reviews your job descriptions for quality & competitiveness issues

Then analyzes the flood of resumes to uncover the best candidates

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A better way to recruit and acquire talent.

Higher Quality Job Descriptions

Use the best grammar, spelling, non-slang & unbiased words for your target audience.

More Focused Searches

Precise job titles and lists of skills make your search faster and with improved results.

Faster Processing Times

Speed up the time to find, attract, assess, and secure candidates with well-designed and specialized tools.

Maximium Satisfaction for Everyone

Speak to attractive candidates who truly understand your offering, converting to a true win-win situation.

Our Quick & Easy Workflow

Get in-depth perspective on your recruiting efforts in hours.

Find better ways to discover and engage your future hires.

Upload your data

Use our quick ~3 minute intake form to collect your job description details.

Analysis Bots Go To Work

Our A.I. bots and recruitment pros analyze your docs with the latest natural language processing tools and hiring techniques

Expanded Results Delivered

You get a basic / expanded report with immediate fixes and insights leading to improved recruitment and retention

Job Descriptions Analyzed


Potential Issues Discovered


Checked and Fixed


These are the cutting-edge services powering our business.

explosion nlp transformers
aws serverless lambda
weaviate vector search engine

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