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Job Description -- Basic Analysis


A reality check on the overall quality of your existing document and suggestions for improved competitiveness.

  • Up to 5 reports per month
  • Contextual Grammar, Slang, Spelling Checker
  • Basic Peer Group Comparison
  • Sentiment / Tone Checker
  • Reading Level / Language Diversity Measurements
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Job Description -- Full Analysis

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An expanded analysis to guarantee job description marketability, both qualitatively & competitively.

  • Up to 5 Reports Per Month
  • Everything in Lite Analysis plus:
  • Gender Bias, Toxicity, Inappropriate Words Checker
  • In-depth Peer Group Comparison
  • Standardized Job Title Checker
  • Title to Standardized Job Skills Set Checker
  • Latest SEO Competitor Checked Keywords / Hashtags
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Applicant Resume Assessment


Full screening, prioritization & recommendation. You direct the resumes to us; we advise on the top 5% best fit.

  • Up to 1,000 applicants per month
  • Everything in Full Analysis plus:
  • Automated resume analysis of all applicants with multiple pass filters
  • Rigorous check for matching to position, overall quality of candidate, red flags
  • Final cut candidates background text summarization
  • Real-time leader board showing applicants you should allocate critical time to
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Frequently asked questions

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Why Use Our Service?
In a smaller and/or fast-growing company, each new hire is critical. The right person can propel the business forward; the wrong one can kill a good venture. Or ruin morale for many months. Our services give you a good quality and competitiveness check to make sure your sales document for talent (aka the job description) will attract the best in the market for your specific need. We deliver these targeted services to leverage your current efforts without the huge fees and non-value added services of the headhunters. You know who you need to hire, our tools give you the productivity boost and support your search finding them.
What is Our Cancellation Policy?
We believe in doing what is best for the client. If you are on the subscription plan, should you need to cancel for any reason, we will refund the current month's or annual subscription fee on a pro rata basis. Please provide us with 72 hours to process requests. Per report purchases are non-refundable.
Why Did You Start the Company?
The big recruiting firms have a ton of in-house analytical tools to find, vet, and promote candidates. However, they also charge exorbitant fees out-of-reach of the startup and SMB community. Moreover, smart use of technology is making previously unavailable tools accessible to companies with growing staff and professional needs. We are developing the same tools so you can radically improve your talent acquisition efforts and stay competitive in the hunt-for-talent game.
Do You Do Custom Projects?
At this time we are focused on creating the best mix of insightful reports, data services, and a la carte service offerings. After refining our offerings to best serve you, we will be adding a hiring support services platform to replicate similar services to the traditional recruiting firms but at greater efficiency and savings. For now, we are focused on what's on our internal roadmap. We welcome feedback and suggestions.
You have a couple of proprietary measures. How can I learn more about them?
In fact, many of our measures are long-standing ones in the area of natural language processing and/or more traditional language analysis. Our analytical services provide a mix of standard and custom metrics to give you better visibility on the ultimate success of your documents. We add analytical measures to our feature set only if they are well-grounded in theory or are common practice. More details and reference documents will be available in our docs site in the coming weeks and months.